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Custom Web Applications

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VC3 offers Managed IT Services, Private Cloud Services, Hosted VoIP, Custom Web Applications, SharePoint Consulting, and Website Design & Hosting.

VC3 has more than 20 years of experience providing a full range of Information Technology Solutions and Services to hundreds of organizations. The technologies needed by our customers have changed many, many times over the years, but our focus has always stayed the same: marry the best technologies with our experienced and talented engineers, programmers, web designers and support specialists to deliver solutions that take our customers to the next level of productivity and results.


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Hi Jill! Tell everyone what your role is at VC3. I’m the Director of Organizational Development. That’s fancy! What does that actually mean? I’m responsible for all human resources functions (like benefits, recruiting, etc.), and I...
Remember the days when all online experiences were viewed in the standard 4:3 screen size? After desktop monitors gave way to laptops, tablets and mobile devices, the number of screen sizes mushroomed. In today’s wild west of options, if you aim...
I was in a conference in Richmond, Virginia when I first heard about the Heartbleed security vulnerability. The first notifications that I am aware of came out Wednesday morning, April 9th but this was a travel day for me so I don't think I saw...
I spent yesterday at the @IT-Ology sponsored IT Summit on Information Technology. It was a great event with plenty of opportunity to network with other IT professionals and hear what's going on in IT throughout South Carolina. I was very pleasantly...
April 8, 2014. The day that XP dies—will someone remix Don McLean’s famous song for it? We have all been hearing about this date from colleagues, IT professionals, and the media. Technically, XP doesn’t die on this fateful day; just the support...
We often find ourselves taking for granted one of the many benefits of working for a cloud aggregator. During the Deep Freeze of 2014, people across the country were affected by one of the coldest Arctic outbreaks of the past two decades. Here in...